Multi Turbine V6B

Multi TurbineTM Technology

Tank tests of 1:30 model of 6MW MultiTurbine platform in the Lir National Ocean Testing Facility in Ireland


MULTITURBINEā„¢ is a revolutionary technology intended to disrupt the conventional wind energy industry in the same way SpaceX or Tesla disrupted their domain.
Larger turbines become inherently heavier in kg/kW thereby more expensive in $/kW, more and more difficult to manufacture, test, transport, investments increase exponentially, profitability drops to zero.
With 15 times smaller and 2000 times lighter elements our technology overcomes all these challenges, drastically reduces costs, supply chain and logistic problems, quantity of sourced material.
With its reduced quantity of sourced material, compared with conventional turbines our technology reduces the environmental footprint by more than 90%.
Our automated installation and maintenance system by drone (patent pending) eliminates the need of scarce and expensive cranes or dedicated vessels, thereby is compliant with US Jones Act.
Multiturbine is resilient by design, even with some faulty turbines the production continue, keeping the maintenance planning flexible and the annual energy production optimal.